2. Film.

    Mostly Los Angeles, some San Francisco, all homies.

    Get out there!


  3. …because john paul jones still gots it

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  4. Found these old emails from my Yahoo! account.

    I bet that room in Alamo Square is $1500 now.

  5. so badass

  6. Lancia Intergale

  7. class warfare


  8. drewj8800 said: Are the veloflex tubs? Or are they clinchers, if so are you even a little bit worried about using them on carbon rims? I saw an explosion on some enves not long ago after a fast decent.

    They’re clinchers and I’m not worried about them blowing out. Sounds like a terrifying freak accident, but ill keep my fingers crossed.


  9. Anonymous said: Hey Marc, all of your Strava rides have a fairly low average (or even max) heart rate. What is your resting heart rate?

    I generally try to save the heart rate spikes for races, but my resting HR is in the low 50s, last I checked.  I’ve maxed it out at 198.  


  10. Amazing.

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